AllDup 3.4.24

Find and eliminate duplicate files

Over time on any system, duplicate files can become a pain, clogging up your hard drive and serving no purpose. View full description


  • Comprehensive and flexible search
  • Free


  • Over-complex
  • Not very user friendly

Not bad

Over time on any system, duplicate files can become a pain, clogging up your hard drive and serving no purpose.

AllDup is designed to find your duplicate files and let you delete them, freeing up space and cleaning up your system. After installation, you just add the folders or drives you want to search, and click start. The search process in AllDup is impressively quick and comprehensive. The duplicates are listed in groups, and to delete them you open any group, select the duplicates you don't want, then click the tick button.

AllDup is quite a deep program, and the search especially is very flexible. Opening 'Compare method' gives you a raft of options, which is very useful. For example, you might have duplicate MP3 files with different names so searching by size might be more successful.

While AllDup's search is good, this selection process can be pretty long winded if you have lots of duplicates. For safety's sake AllDup displays plenty of warnings to make sure you don't delete any vital files (although you can always ignore them!), and for the the more confident user they can be turned off, which speeds up the process.

Overall AllDup is a comprehensive duplicate finder let down by being over complex, and not very user friendly. Good for experts, less so for the casual user.


  • New: Setup/Installation: Added the option "Add AllDup to the Windows Explorer context menu".
  • Fix: Various optimizations have been introduced in various sections of AllDup. Various bugs have been fixed.


AllDup 3.4.24

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